Emergency Dental Services like Serious Tooth Pain , Extremely Sensitive Teeth , A Filling That Is Lost or Loose , A Cavity , Damaged Crowns or Restorations , …..

Dental Implants

in oral surgery, dental implants are arguably the most significant innovation in the last 40 years, providing patients with permanent replacements for their missing teeth.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

The removal of wisdom teeth is a highly common procedure. Early removal has proven to be easier with a more comfortable and rapid recovery.

Apicoectomy WSR

apicoectomy is a surgical procedure that removes a tooth’s root tip then fills the root end cavity with an appropriate bio- material .

TMJ Disorders

The temporomandibular joint is located in front of the ear, and in disease states it may cause jaw pain, headaches ,earaches, and restriction in mouth opening.

Sedation Laughing Gas

During the procedures of getting wisdom teeth removed, implants placings, or other surgical procedures, the use of or sedation is common. 

nitrous oxide or laughing gas, is one of the safest sedation techniques available in the world. 

At Advanced Dental Scarsdale we offer laughing gas for any patients undergoing an oral surgery, for their immediate comfort and safety during the procedure.

What should I know before using laughing Gas?

Before getting the laughing gas treatment, the patient should ideally not eat anything for 2 hours prior to their treatment. In higher doses, laughing gas has been known to cause nausea in certain patients. However, higher doses are not commonly used in patients. Those patients with blocked nasal passages or suffer from claustrophobia are not able to use the laughing gas treatment.

we explain all recommended procedures and will keep you informed about every aspect of your treatment

Dental Implants In Oralc Oral Surgery Warschauer Street Berlin

Our experienced oral surgeons are experts at dental implant placement.

Dental implants have become the diamonds or gold standard in tooth replacement.

Implant surgery is the Perfect way that we currently have to replace a missing teeth.

After an implant is placed by our oral surgeons … your dentist can create a best looking tooth to be placed on the implant.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Many times, there just isn’t enough room for the wisdom teeth to erupt into their proper position, leading to complications such as impaction, infection, misalignment of surrounding teeth, and more. our experienced oral surgeons are experts at dental implant placement.

In most cases, it is best to remove the wisdom teeth to prevent the complications that may develop.
The removal of wisdom teeth is a very common oral surgery procedure.

Bone Grafting

Bone loss can occur for several reasons, such as tooth loss or facial injuries.
If a patient is experiencing a loss of bone, they may be required to undergo a bone grafting procedure to replace or restore it. Socket preservation is typically performed immediately after a tooth extraction to prevent rapid bone loss from taking place.
Ridge expansion expands the height and width of the alveolar ridge.

Tooth Extraction

Sometimes, extraction of the tooth is the best option for a patient. Tooth decay, injuries, and other dental conditions and issues can lead to permanent damage.

Other times, there is just not enough room in the mouth to accommodate a tooth (dental crowding)
While we will do everything we can to save a natural tooth, removal may be the only option, especially when restorative treatments fail to work.

If you need a tooth extracted, our oral surgeons will discuss tooth replacement options, such as dental implants, with you.

Our specialist surgeon Ahmed Saeed is not only highly skilled and with plenty of experience, but also trained to provide superb care for anxious patients.